About Us

Our Mission

Tenen Environmental is committed to providing our clients with technical support and high-quality work products customized to meet project objectives. We work hard to understand your organization and the role that environmental requirements play in successful completion of your project. We will leverage our expertise and regulatory knowledge to find the most appropriate solution. Tenen Environmental accepts only those assignments that we are qualified to perform, work with our clients to establish fair and reasonable fees and commit to outcomes that we can reasonably deliver.

Our Services

  • Environmental due diligence for property transactions
  • Phase I and II site assessments and investigations
  • Compliance and reporting for NYC and NYS regulatory programs
  • Expertise in brownfields, E-designations and spills
  • Pre-construction activities including soil characterization, dewatering and sewer discharge applications
  • Preparation of plans and drawings for construction and post-construction stormwater management
  • Design, installation and operation/maintenance of remedial systems
  • Design and implementation of in-situ remedial programs
  • Remedial oversight and worker safety/community air monitoring during construction activities
  • Indoor air quality assessments/vapor intrusion mitigation
  • Records review in support of environmental insurance policies
  • Remedial cost estimates for regulatory programs and property transactions

Please contact Tenen Environmental with any questions about our environmental compliance services or experience. We look forward to working with you.